Actually…this is amazing

So, the reason im in cin/com is because i hated high school. I chose cin/com so i could pretty much just have fun, watch movies, make movies, network (meet people). I did achieve that, but in the end i kinda felt like i wasn’t going anywhere or learning anything new. The other day i was watching a movie at home and it finaly hit me. The film started using the little boxes all around the screen and i was like “…i know how to do that…i know how long it took…” and it wasn’t that impressive to me. Although that’s probably pompus of me to say, i worked hard to learn and understand how to do those specific editing techniques. Then i started to watch across the universe…now some of that film i was like “yeah yeah, not too hard, what ever…” but then there were some parts that left me wondering how the fuck they did that!? For the first time in cinema/communications, i was interested! I wanted to experiment, i wanted to LEARN. I think that if it wasn’t for this class, i would have never felt this way. This class actually changed my view on cinema/communications and changed my outlook on certain aspects of life. Good weekend, very good 🙂



IM DONE. Since monday ive been in dawson from eight in the morning till 10 at night or later. I am now done my english project, my communications, my art project and of my other communications project. I cant believe that im done third semester next week. This is seriously fucked up. Whered all the time go? I feel like first semester was two years ago, not two semesters. Cant believe im going to university next year…ridiculousness. I hope i get into the program i want to get into…it all depends on how well i do in humanities and astronomy..i just want a 60 and ill be happy, ill do anyhting for just a 60. Anything more ill just be flabergasted and ridicously happy. I was off for 2 weeks because of mono and jewish holidays though but what ever. All that really matters is, it is now 8:35pm and my film is being turned into a quicktime file so i can put it on a dvd. 😀 YAY!

Another Day

So, today is thursday which means i have another four hour break with no one to hang out with. I chose to write a blog, cuz, well, why not? I dont know how everyone else is feeling but it seems as though the work just isn’t stopping. It does seem to be disapearing though…like every day i finish im one assingment closer to finishing the semester. Humanities is a bitch though, it seems as though im not gonna do to well..but im working on it hard to try and catch up. That and astronomy. I cant wait till the semester is over and i can just sleep, eat and relax. Im gonna hybernate for the first few days of vacation.

Ive figured out what i wanna do with my life as well. Im going to go into human relations and once ive finished university, im gonna go to as many trade schools as possible; to learn all the different techniques that can be used in a spa. I hope to travel around the world and learn the techniques in places where they originated. Soon after that, i will apply to a spa or open my own practice. If i do get a job in a spa, i am going to make sure to make myself rise high up on the totum pole. Im excited for all this but im also pretty freaked out. I know people say that “youll miss these days when your older” but i dont know how much i will. I understand that some aspects of being young are super awesome and yeah i will miss em, but im still excited to see the future. Either way, growing up is inevitable, its how you spend the days getting there that matters 🙂

Saturday Night

So its saturday night and im in a bit of a pickle. Go out or do homework…Well i finished writing a paper today and read something else..what else do i have to do for monday? hmm…write another paper, finish astronomy, (shit do i have a final on monday…)fix my stuff for phil and finish a project….i guess it’d be pretty dumb to go out…but maybe if i just stay up all of tomorrow and do homework then itll be fine. Ive done it before…just spend a whole night till like 4am doing homework..i can do it. The only reason that im going is becuase i promised i would, otherwhise i wouldnt. I thought this party was going to be at the ye old close to my house but i found out theres another one! Downtown! Its freezing out and i really dont wanna go. What ever…ill go, make an appearance and then leave at around 12, get home for one and maybe do some homework…but not likely. Ill wake up at like 8 on sunday, work till 11:00, get ready for work and go to work. Then after work, ill race home and finish everything until 4 in the morning. Ill just have to lock myself in my room and turn music on really loud to drown out the sound of the television. So it’s all good. Ill go out, have fun, and then go home and finish what i need to do…scary thought but its possible 🙂 i feel better now actually. Thank blog *thumbs up*


K well, here goes nothing. My life right now is just plain urg most of the time. If i’m relaxing, then im thinking about how i shouldnt be relaxing and how i should studying. If im studying im worrying about the fact that i need to be studying that other subject too. One thing that i am very pleased about though, is the fact that i have most of my video done for Boffas class. Just need to get the music done and some new short video clips of random thoughts i might have on why it seems we live life in a perpetual routine.

Here is what i am doing this weekend. Astronomy papers/project, English paper/project, Communications Project x2, Theater, Humanities Paper(s)xinfinite…should i go on? Once this semester is over i plan on going to sleep and not waking up for three days…three glorious days of pure, uninterupted blissful eutopia. Im also hoping to get a country house this vacation. That should be pretty awesome.

So, i think ive decided to also get a foam matress…those things are so just afraid that ill sink in too much and itll be so comfy i either cant get out, or i just cnat sleep in it. You think there are trials for those types of beds? I guess its something to look into.

So it looks like this is how im gonna write my blog…everytime i get a thought ill just put it down. I wont have super long blongs…but ill have many short ones saying things like ” URG WHY IS SCHOOL NOT ENDING AHHH” and others going into the great deep depths of my mind and soul. 🙂


This is me at camp singing acdc. Music and singing were integral parts of camp…too bad my kids didn’t like my singing and would make fun of me and kick me if i sang…what cayoooties 🙂


Hello all,

So i’m not big on this whole blog thing…i dunno, i feel as though if i have something to say of importance than i should say it person to whom ever i need to tell. It’s slightly awkward knowing that anyone could be reading this. Than again, its the same thing with facebook…except that on facebook you can chose your friends and decide who you allow to gaze into your life. One way or another this needs to be done so here we go. Ill try to have some fun with this.

So here’s my life story…starting from the 15th of october. I wake up late for class so I run into my car and drive 20 km over the speedlimit to get to school. Halfway there i realise that i have forgotten my wallet. No biggy. I get to school (15 min late). Did i mention i have 3 midterms that day? After english class, i go to theater; midterm number 1. During that class i got stuck in the industrial elevator with a classmate. Again…no biggy, whatever. Then i go to my next two classes where i fail one midterm and pass the other one with a beautiful “60%” woohoo. I tell myself, tomorrows gotta be better right? WRONG. I drove to school once again because i was late and this time i just decided not to go to class and make it up on friday. I parked at my friends house that day to avoid getting a ticket (smart idea right? just you wait) So as i was saying, i missed my class and decided, why not edit my film during my 6 hour break at 8 in the morning? So i begin to edit it and my tape stops working. I decide to jump in my car and drive home to get another tape that can fix the camera. What do you know, i have a ticket on my car. For one hour on thursdays only, can you not park there. Super awesome. Drive home, get the tape to fix the camera, fix the camera and then what do you know? my tape is erased. I dont have to go anymore into my life, but sufficed to say, i lost 100 bucks in the casino that weekend, my cousins friend one 150 dollars on a slot machine that i had just left and then my camera once again didn’t work the next communications class.

I am now gonna talk about my project. Not the first one that somehow disappeared but the one that is stuck on the sd card in my new camera. So the main frame is going to be of this guy (me) walking around school. Ill say hello to friends, look sketchily at people and turn corners like every other day. Then they’ll be other frames in which i will be seen running down empty corridors. I’ll look scared and cofused. They’ll be shots of my head flailing around in circles, hands trembling, feet dancing, random crazy shots. They’ll be going forwards and backwards, giving the illusion of being lost and distraught. They’ll be a shot of me looking at schedule with classes on it like “Individuality 3B4, Beauty 2A3, Love 5D4, Conforming 8A1 etc” The picture will blur and then unblur, making it hard to read and showing my inability to comprehend what I am seeing. All these shots will be appearing, disapearing and then reapearing again. Frontwards, backwards, upsidedown, sideways. All this will be going on while the main frame of me will be heading towards a certain door. One I get to that door, i’ll look what it says on it. “Confirmation”. Pleased I walk inside and then theres a blackout. Just as this is happening, all the mini frames will be doing the same thing. Each me will be getting to that same door. I will be incorperating pictures and cellphone shots for the random frames as well. The idea is that, we are all lost trying to find a sense of idividuality but by trying to be different we are really just conforming as well. I do seem to find confirmation when i walk into that random classroom…but who knows what will happen in the next film? First things first though, let’s hope i can just get the initial shots onto final cut or iMovie. *sigh*